Happy Goat impact report

farming for good

Farming for good

At Happy Goat, our mission is to nourish our community with sustainably grown produce while fostering environmental stewardship through education.

We empower students with hands-on learning experiences in agriculture and conservation. Additionally, we utilize our goats to responsibly manage vegetation, reducing fire risks and enhancing safety in local neighborhoods.

Regenerative agriculture has ONE focus...



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If you've ever heard the expression, "There are no weekends on a farm," then you know it takes an amazing team to keep Happy Goat running smoothly.

If you see them on the farm, feel free to yell something nice at them!

Jesse Fouch
Lacey Sharp
Jess Segale
Jace Bustamante
Matty Elliott
Ben Smith
Darian Maroney
Emily Meyer
Troy Burgoyne
Raymond Jojola

Pasta & Wine at the farm

Pasta & Wine at the farm

Indulge in an evening of rustic charm at our farm's Pasta and Wine Party. Savor field-to-fork-fresh pasta paired perfectly with California wines surrounded by the serene beauty of our fields and happy goats!